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Predictive logistic control tower

Gain the ability to see, understand and measure the activities of every party in the supply chain

  • Ready to communicate with all ERPs and TMS
  • Ready to communicate with all satellite systems
  • Ready to provide you with the best mobile technology
  • Ready to give you the best possible support
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Gestione logistica Axylog

Simply Leaders

Axylog provides predictive visibility, real-time control and performance analysis for the entire procurement and delivery process of companies, carriers, logistics partners and large scale retailers.

Real Time Visibility

Real Time Visibility

Real-time monitoring to know at any time where your load is and its ETA.

POD digitalisation

POD digitalisation

Now it is possible to fully digitise the delivery process, from the electronic signature to anomaly management.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Monitor the cold chain and manage exceptions to ensure quality and avoid losses

Pallet Management

Pallet Management

Your equipment fleet under control through collaborative management

Get control of the procurement and delivery processes

The best supply chain decisions come from widening the data acquired and the being able to process them. Unlock their potential and manage each situation promptly.

  • Interfaces ready to communicate with TMS, ERP and Satellite Systems
  • Customized notifications for each type of event and Portal Picture
  • Dedicated App, and Web Services. Each operator interacts with specific interfaces
  • Interactive dashboards to monitor or measure performance


The App that extends the platform's functions on the move

QR-Delivery app

The smartphone App that integrates fully with the platform, all the information acquired on the move is structured and organized in a clear and effective way.

Frame the QR or the delivery from the electronic bordereau and state what happened. Take pictures of any anomalies or non-compliance.

Acquire the graphic mark directly with your smartphone to certify delivery and integrate the information with the document in pdf format.

Delivery rounds, borderau and messages to receive information and send it in real time.

Axylog has immediately adhered to the GS1 guidelines for the standardization of document identification and therefore of the content of the QrCodes affixed in these documents

The App reads and manages the QrCode which is based on the use of AI standard GS1, especially the GDTI which is the unique identification key.

Choose what you wish to obtain

Fully integrated features. All you have to do is choose if and when you need them

Real-time visibility

Knowing the delivery status in real time is vital for Customer Service departments and Hubs

Alert and inform

Automatically convey information, to whom, when and as you see fit

Reduce losses with pallets

It keeps under control one of the least striking yet most painful aspects of the logistics process.

Measure and decide

Keep under control every aspect of the process. Use data to make the right decisions

Proof of Delivery

Digitise the delivery process, from electronic signature to anomaly management


Share information with Colleagues, Customers, Carriers, 3PL, Customers and Suppliers

Technological partners

Great things are not done alone!

Already active integrations

We already communicate with the most popular satellite systems, ERP and TMS


News, events and anything else that we feel like talking

Axylog a Expo 2020 – Dubai


Axylog, il prossimo 3 Novembre 2021 sarà a Dubai, dove presenterà la propria soluzione in una tavola rotonda denominata

Alla conquista dell’ultimo miglio Spagnolo​

POD‚ Real Time & Predictive Visibility

E-Transport sceglie Axylog come partner tecnologico per diventare un punto di riferimento nelle consegne LastMile in Spagna.

Codè Crai Ovest

Dematerialisation‚ Pallet Management‚ POD‚ Real Time & Predictive Visibility

Axylog and PTV’s winning technology to optimise transports and manage deliveries in real time. Codè Crai Ovest is one

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